Exterior Preparation:
Preparation is a critical step in the
application of a long lasting paint or stain job.
All surface's must be found and prepared
properly for the top coatings it will receive. If
we find any structural damage such as dry
rot, we will bring it to your attention and
appropriate actions will be taken to fix the
problem prior to painting.
In preparing your exterior paint job:
-Disc Sanding all areas of the home containing
loose paint and rough edges.

- Pressure wash house for unwanted mildew,
moss and grime
- Delicate areas are hand-washed
- House is given time to dry
- Apply exterior primer to all bare wood.
- Caulking all splits in wood and windows for

Prime/Paint Siding and Trim:
- Oil Prime
- Spray, roll and hand brushwork as indicated
and necessary.

- Hand sanded for a smooth surface.

Clean Up / Final Inspection:
- Performed each day and upon completion of
the job  
Outdoor fixtures & furniture left as we found them
- All trash is removed from site
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Extra Service's

- Gutter Cleaning

- Window Cleaning

- Power Washing

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